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Harbor Mart - The Most Unique Stores in California

Who are we?

It all began in 2014, when we, the owners start running the Harbor Mart in Hollywood Beach (Channel Islands Harbor).

We, the owners of this Harbor Mart, based on our experience and visits from different parts of the world, decided to open a combination of Mediterranean and European store and change the public's view of so-called liquor store or convenience stores.

For this purpose, we focused on fine wines and craft beers, as well as special spirits, and we also decided to provide people with fresh, high-quality homemade food at Harbor Mart.

Since we wanted to have a European-style store and various Mediterranean-style dishes, we decided to serve wine and beer in the dining area of the shop. It may be unbelievable for everyone else to serve alcohol inside a liquor store but we are proud that we were one the first liquor stores to start serving alcohol in a liquor store at Harbor Mart with full respect for the laws and getting the necessary permits.

In 2021, we decided to expand and opened the second branch of this store in Portside Ventura Harbor in Ventura City, and we are proud to be able to serve people in City of Ventura and City of Oxnard and prove that service is our goal and we enjoy to serving the best quality of foods and alcohols.

Hoping that we can be successful in this way and can serve you in the best way.

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