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About Us

Jim Stych, a seasoned professional Haberdasher, has been designing wardrobes and providing custom-made clothing to a prestigious clientele. From stars and dignitaries to Olympic Gold Medalists and professional athletes, including his valued in-store clients, Jim's expertise is highly regarded. With a track record dating back to 1990, he has been making house calls to serve his discerning clientele.

At our establishment, we are proud to offer over a century of combined experience from our team of haberdashers, tailors, and Image Consultants. Their wealth of knowledge ensures that you receive the absolute best in personalized custom-tailored attire.

Whether it's men's or women's business attire, formal wear, or dress casual outfits, we excel in providing custom tailoring that guarantees the perfect fit. Dress for success on any occasion with our impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Today Stych Inc. & NMBL Vault Collection offers G3 (third generation) Stealth attire that looks civilian (hence the moniker “stealth”) even though it is designed to serve law enforcement and security officers who need to stay safe, cool, comfortable, and flexible enough to be able to stoop, roll, jump, run and fight.

During the past ten years, a diverse array of professionals has called Stych their go-to shop for all things executive protection. From prosecutors to political candidates, and from police officers and sports figures, we’ve served them all with the same care and diligence that we served our very first “James Bond” customer.